3 Reasonable Reasons Your Girlfriend is more important than your computer/console

I think I just saw thousands of gamers just shiver from reading this title. Yes, it is true – girlfriends are MORE important than your computer or console.

Listen, as a gamer myself, I understand the desire to spend many hours killing newbs or pwning face. In fact, my ex-boyfriend complained to me about playing too much games… and that was for a game he INTRODUCED ME TO.

Yet, as a girl, I also see many non-gamer girlfriends point of views. I’m not going to go too much into all of the drama I’ve seen s e p a r a t i n g gamers from their hawt girlfriends but here is a list of 3 reasons why your girlfriend is probably more important than your computer or console.


I hate to jump onto the internet, sexist gimmick “Go make me a sandwhich!”but… it’s sorta true. Most of the girlfriends I know cook for their boyfriends. Heck, I cooked for boyfriends. It’s fun and it’s nice to treat your man to some home made cooking. If your girlfriend doesn’t cook, bad luck.


Your girlfriend can. It doesn’t even need to be the physical act of bitch slapping. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve spent like seventeen hours playing games, your girlfriend comes to visit and you go … “Just one more game.” The look of horror, hatred and anger all starts to boil into one and she explodes into a tirade of “AM I NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH?!” … Nobody wants to make a woman angry. Men especially.

They know that women rule the world of their relationships.

Simply put: you don’t want to piss off your girlfriend because … well, when we’re angry, we’re scary. Just ask my brothers… or my exes. They know from first hand experience.


I hate to put it this bluntly but… no matter how hard you try… your x-box isn’t going to miraculously turn into a sexy female who will be willing to put out. I KNOW WHEN IS MICROSOFT GOING TO DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE?!

Focusing on your games instead of your girlfriend is a big mistake if you expect her to put out. Don’t think you can play games for fifteen hours and then come to your girlfriend looking for some nookie.

So yes, it’s true, your girlfriend IS more important than your console. I mean, I’m pointing this out for the idiots out there who don’t fully understand this concept.

However, if you’re still eager to play, why don’t you INVOLVE your girlfriend in the games you like – just watch out – she might just get more addicted than you.

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