3 Tips For Seeing Results

Written by Gabriela

Over the years i’ve developed numerous bits of software, never once did I code the software itself, but I did develop the initial ideas and then formulate a plan on what I wanted to give to a software creator.

The process of developing software from initial idea through to loading up the finished bug free product requires a great amount of work and can seem like quite a daunting task. Now whether software appeals to you or not, you could apply these tips to any part of your life.

3 Things Have Helped Me

1. White Boards

Ever single thing I have created that has been successful online has ended up on one of my big white boards. You can pick these up from your local staples, large or small size ones. I have 2 of them they are both about 5ft tall and 6ft wide, to give me ample space to do a brain dump of ideas, thoughts and feedback from clients.

It’s amazing when you begin to dump out what spins around in your head, how much clearer things start to look and from there you can begin to organize a lare task into bite sized steps. It makes a task seem less overwhelming.

2. Patience –

Woooahh neddy!… we all love to see results and hate to think we might be procrastinating but don’t mistake non visible action for procrastinating. Being from England we love our cups of a tea and the tip to a great cup of tea is allowing it time to brew. In a society where you have fast food, bank and pharmacy drive thrus.. slowing down is not considered helpful. Yet its required if you want a good cup of tea

This applies to anything that involves coming up with ideas. I spent 3 months one time coming up with ideas before I moved into the physical visible creation. Even if you can’t get anything down on a white board, taking time to think and allow ideas to spin around in your head is action!  Just know when the Iron is hot!

3. Recognizing when Enough is Enough –

The Artist  Sting  once said ” you never finish an album you just give up ” – In anything you do, you could always spend more time doing it, I don’t think there is one person that is involved in creating books, websites, movies, music, paintings.. or whatever that would say they couldn’t have done more. The key is recognizing when enough is enough and it’s time to push out whatever has been kicking around inside you. I really do believe, each person knows when that time is.. it’s like an alarm bell that rings and let’s you know it’s time.

Every Iron needs time to heat up, but once that light flicks on letting you know it’s hot… get cracking!

As long as the bulk of what is required is in place.. Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Head, Arms, Legs… the finer details will sort themselves out… and you will have plenty of time to nurture what you have created.

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