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Written by Gabriela

If you want to start a website than you must choose a better web hosting site. You know what, success of your website depends lot on web hosting. A good host can give you a quick success.

Mainly there are two type of hosting available in market. One is paid and another is free. Honestly paid hosting is better than free hosting. We all know that money brings money. Paid hosting gives you some attractive features. So if you choose free hosting than definitely you will miss some features which are available in paid versions.
If you have a financial problem than you have no choice. You should choose a free hosting which can give you the highest facility.

But at present, there are many free hosting sites available in the market. So it’s very difficult for you to get the correct one. Someone is very good and someone is worst. So, you need to be cautious about this fact.
No need to worry my friend, I can make your hard task very easy. Because after a long research, I am going to announce top five free web hosting sites. My ranking is based on their facilities which are available for you.

From my point of view, Haliohost is the number one hosting site which can give you all kinds of free hosting facility. Holiohost have all kinds of typical free hosting features like Apache, cPanel, PHP etc.But the most amazing thing is that it can give some extra features which are not available in other hosting site.Holiohost gives you Ruby on rails, remote MySQL,, Java/JSP and advance DNS manager which is not available in other free hosting sites. A major problem is in free hosting sites is sharing IP adress.It can hamper your website ranking. Because there is an opportunity for spammers. But holiohost offer you IPv6 address for free once. But holiohost have one drawback and that is, it offers you only 500mb space limitation.

Weebly is number two in May ranking. You know what, now almost 13million people use this free hosting.Weebly gives you almost all kinds of features which is available in paid hosting.

I am giving Server free the rank three. Main feature which is offered by serversfree is huge disc space. It will give you 10GB disc space which is truly amazing. It also give 100GB bandwidth, MYSQL, PHP, FTP, htaccess support etc.

Name of this webhosting site is very interesting. It starts from 000. That means it is absolutely free of cost. It has no hidden cost. It offers 1.5GB amazing disc space and 100GB traffic. It also gives you other typical features which I are mentioned aforesaid.

FreehostingEu is number five in our ranking because of its 4000mb of data transfer each month. It also gives other typical feature. But like other free hosting it offers you very low disc space and that is only 200mb.So, this feature is not good for you. You need to be careful about using disc space if you choose this free hosting.

Now you got a brief idea about free hosting site.Actually, if you have enough money to buy hosting than you should use paid hosting. Because you will not get 100% from a free host. you can buy some inexpensive hosting from BlueHost, HostGator,Godaddy etc. But if you are unable to pay then you should choose any of free hosting from our ranks. Thanks for your consideration.

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