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Written by Gabriela
For over a year now accompanied the Apple Watch on the wrist and for several weeks I test the second generation, also called Apple Watch Series 2. The time is therefore ripe for a conclusion and a few words for the first wearable from the house Apple. At the beginning, I was very skeptical at the Apple Watch. A Smartwatch has accompanied me for many years on the wrist, until mid-2015, however, the Pebble convinced. The time was then the beginning of the end of my long-standing pebble relationship ( and Pebble itself ).
To this day I do not regret the change. For a long time, I was very skeptical as to whether I could cope with the very short battery life. But honestly, I do not wear my wearable at night. I do not care about the sleep racking (I notice if I’ve slept well or badly and then do something, although I like collecting data, I do not care) and I am a wearable when sleeping.
Whether I put my Pebble in the evening on the desk, or the Apple Watch on the charging pad, does not make a difference for me. On the road is a different thing and here would be several days running time nice. But I am not often on the road and usually spend the night at home. And for the couple of times where this occurs, we take for example a holiday, the charging cable comes with one or so.
What I after a year so established: One day Akkulaufzeit is enough for me at a Smartwatch. You get used to it. 2-3 would be in the long run however quite desirable, because one has also times a little buffer. The second generation of the Apple Watch comes by the way on good 2 days. At least I have noticed that you notice the difference of the larger battery in everyday life.
The first generation of the Apple Watch landed at the beginning with almost 20-30 per cent in the evening at the Ladestation. On most days I use a full hour (rather more) the workout app, which continuously measures the pulse. After the update on watchOS 3 the better and I landed at 30-40 percent. With the second generation, I currently have a little more than 50 percent.


On a day when I do not start a workout, I even come to 60-70 percent remaining time. So I would, and I’ve also tested this, come to just 2 days running time with the Apple Watch 2. Personally, this is a bit too risky, because on the evening of the second day it is already tight and I do not always want to feel that the Apple Watch goes out.
A plus of the Apple Watch 2 is, compared to first generation, the battery. This is not enough for two full days. So since I have to load them safely in the evening, the little Zusatzakku unfortunately makes no difference. The same applies to performance. The Apple Watch 2 has a better CPU than the first generation. But do you realize this power in everyday life?
Same conclusion, as with the battery: A small bit. Decisive for the Apple Watch was the watchOS 3 update. With this, the models of Apple are basically very similar. Here and there the first generation needs a bit longer, but that is no difference, which makes me stiff from the stool. I thought frankly at the beginning. The clock is also less interacted with, than with the smartphone.
Both the battery difference as well as the performance gain are for me no reason to grab the second generation. The same is true for the display. It is a bit brighter, yes, but to see the difference all the time, you have to stay a lot in the sun. I have my first generation at full brightness (battery is holding only for one day anyway) and that is enough for me.
What else is there to make a purchase of the Apple Watch Series 2? Right, GPS. Unfortunately I am not a regular runner. This is not important to me. On top of that, I always have (!) My smartphone (on the arm) with a run in the wild. And if the watch is connected to the iPhone, then it uses, also the second generation, anyway the GPS from the iPhone. So: I do not need GPS.
But there is a huge plus of the Apple Watch 2: it is up to 50 meters waterproof. I like to go swimming a lap and it has often disturbed me more often that I can not wear the Apple Watch. In the winter this is not so often the case, but it would still be useful. The property is not a must for a wearable, but a very great plus.
For me, this is similar to the iPhone 7: What you have, you got. I do not go every day with the iPhone under the shower and into the swimming pool, but there are situations in which this occurs. So situations where the technology comes into contact with a lot of water. And for these situations it is great to have no thoughts about a water damage.


My Apple Watch was up to the test device of the Apple Watch Series 2, by the way, a sport. So is the question: aluminum, or stainless steel? Difficult question, which can be answered only subjectively. Technically speaking, both are the same, but the stainless steel version has a sapphire glass protection over the display. For this the display of the aluminum version is slightly better in the representation.
It is I believe a personal preference. The stainless steel watch is slightly heavier than the aluminum model. In addition, the aluminum housing is matt, while the stainless steel models shine. I prefer dull colors. I also prefer black to gray. Unfortunately, the sport is only in gray. The model with stainless steel can be bought in black. Perfect would be for me a combination.
So an Apple watch with aluminum case and the black of the iPhone 7. This is certainly also somewhere in the drawer of Tim Cook, but is for marketing reasons for the restrained. Maybe next year we’ll see a matt black aluminum watch. Which model should you choose now? I will continue to opt for aluminum. Reason: The price.
Visually, I like the black stainless steel model slightly better. It also fits better to many bracelets as I find. Silver is not my case at all. As you can see from the last lines: This is a purely subjective question and if the price difference does not matter, then look for a local Apple store (goes also to Media Markt and Co) and try all models.
Wearables are a very young category and I am often asked if something is worthwhile at all. Often, people have already formed their own judgment and I like to answer “Do not have one, but is quite nice” to shorten the discussion quickly. If I am asked with honest interest, then there is also a detailed answer from me. The short version: In any case.
I personally do not want to miss my Apple Watch any more. It is not just a watch, it is my fitness tracker, it reminds me of appointments, it gives a discreet indication of new messages (both the display of the iPhone and the watch stay out, you only feel a vibration ), It is thanks to Siri a timer, which I can operate without hands in the kitchen and much more.
The Apple Watch is for me the best Smartwatch in the market and with a very large gap. Personally, I would recommend the first-generation sports model to anyone who wants to grow. This is now not so expensive and it is a very good entry. If you like the Smartwatch, you can still get a better model for the third generation.
If this review has convinced you now and you are sure that the Apple Watch is just right for you, then comes also Apple Watch Series 2 in consideration. Maybe you are an active runner and / or swimmer. I personally have myself, and the test device has confirmed me in it, decided to wait for the next generation. Then maybe also as a stainless steel model.
Let’s make it short: An Apple Watch is not needed. Just as little as a smartphone. But whether you need something or not is a personal question. Anyone can answer them for themselves. I am in any case the opinion that such a gadget is a surplus value in everyday life and will not miss it any more. And if you own an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the best choice.
Apple Watch 1 or 2: I would grab the first generation and wait for the next model. Unless you want the Extras of the Watch 2. An Apple Watch Series 1 (there is a model with a somewhat better processor, which is the same from the first generation) but I would definitely not buy. I’m also sure that Apple is not really selling many Series 1 models.

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