Are Daisy BB guns any good?

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I was surfing for a new gun for my airsoft games when I encountered an ad on Daisy BB guns. I’ve never heard of this brand before. Has it been around for a long time? When I first saw it, I thought I read it wrong. It is such a funny brand for a gun. The airsoft pistols I saw online looked quite impressive though. I’d like to get one of the pistols that can hold both BB and metal pellets. Are Daisy BB guns any good? Should I choose a Daisy BB gun over a KSC Glock that I am contemplating on buying?

Daisy Outdoor Products, the world’s oldest manufacturer of airguns, ammo and accessories, has been around for one hundred years. In 1882, this company was once known as Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, which manufactures windmills in Plymouth, Michigan. At that time the windmill industry was experiencing some changes and the company needed to figure out new ways of attracting customers.

In 1886, Clarence Hamilton invented a contraption which is made of metal and wire which barely resembles a gun. This device could fire a lead ball using compressed air. When Lewis Cass Hough, the president of the windmill company tried it out, he exclaimed, “Boy, that’s a daisy!” after his first shot. Thus, it was named the Daisy BB gun. At first, Daisy BB guns were given as a freebie to the farmers who purchase a windmill. But, as time went by, the company started manufacturing BB guns instead of windmills. And, the name of the company was changed to Daisy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Although Daisy BB guns were very famous in 1939, they were slowly overshadowed by the newer models that have flooded the market. There are mixed reviews regarding their line of BB guns. Some of the people who purchased Daisy BB guns were not satisfied with the performance of the gun that they bought.

Some of the complaints include the material of the plunger. It is made of nylon which cannot take the wear and tear of frequent usage. There were also some remarks on the way the plunger gets stuck after firing around 8,000 BB’s. This is usually fixed by putting a little gun oil in that area. Another point against Daisy BB guns is the durability of the mags. Made of plastic, these 15-round mags can only accommodate 14. This is because these mags have a tendency to break easily.

Although there were some negative comments about Daisy BB guns, some people do still recommend buying this brand. At 400 FPS, the BB’s fired by this gun can go very far. The weight of Daisy BB guns resemble the real thing. And, the mag doesn’t fall out when the gun is hit in a vertical motion. Even better, these guns come with a lot of goodies like paper targets, ammunition and a pop-up target trap with every purchase.

Overall, Daisy BB guns are pretty good. You just need to make sure that the plunger wouldn’t get stuck during a game. Having a misfire in the middle of a match can be a total bummer!

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