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Written by Gabriela

“Its very simple…This was the best training I have ever received as far as internet income is concerned. There was nothing that I could complain about. Rich gave us the road map…all we have to do is put in an honest effort and results will follow. Well Done!”

“Rich’s course was concise, informative with easy to follow steps. I felt like he was giving me all the tools and steps I needed to be successful and didn’t hold anything back. When he gave the course you felt like he was spending 100% of his time working with you towards your desired result. He was always available for questions and it was nice to deal with the actual person who created the course not a support person. It was like getting one-on-one training in a group situation. With a lot of training course I sometimes feel that they just got me on their list so they could sell me another of their own products or an affiliate one. Rich did nothing of the sort. I felt like he truly wanted me to succeed and helped me stay focused on the task at hand without all the fluffy email distractions. That said… if Rich did another complementary course to what I took I would jump at the chance to learn from him. I would highly recommend Rich’s training to anyone.”

“Rich covers all the important topics of building adsense sites with step by step precise detail. His webinar’s are very high quality and easily understood. His handouts cover the topics very well and are excellent accompaniments to the video’s. I really like the way he answers questions at the end of each webinar. The FAQ’s he sends out are very well thought out and answers are straight to the point and thorough. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Rich’s training more highly. Following his plan, a person of any skill level will be able to set up a passive income of whatever level they want. Need more money? Just set up another site. Sell off any low performers for a chunk of cash. Keep the sites that will give you the level of passive income you want/need. Rich, thank you for the opportunity to learn your methods, your an excellent trainer/coach.”

“I just wanted to say that this is the best coaching system ever personally for me, not just in term of adsense training but overall support. The training has been really awesome. For the first time, I finally understand what to do, how to do it and why we do what we do. And of course, the support is superb! Rich really over-delivers his stuff with all his knowledge plus with the bonuses and awesome goodies. I didn’t even know what else he’s going to give us more.. he’s giving us too much value in the training! And finally because the training is so easy to follow, I actually took action to implement his system and hopefully will achieve the success he had! Thank you so much for your wonderful training Rich! Really appreciate it!”

“Rich! Don’t give this wonderful method away to many people! Just a few! It’s too good! Your support has been amazing and it seems you are really here to help us make a income and not just a way for you to make a few bucks. It’s awesome! Wish everyone had as good of a business ethic. Thanks a million.”

“Excellent coaching program. Practical and easy to follow. Love it.”

“You are the most reliable person I have met online…and I have met a lot. Your professionalism is fantastic…I really appreciate it.”

“Great training program from someone that actually does what he preaches! Step-by-step easy program to follow with exceptional support!”

“yes its one of the best training iv received and have started to work out in all my site in the mean time i want to buy established and good earning site from you at least $100 per day from adsense please let me know the price. Thanks once again and hope to receive further training if extra payment is required. congrats. You are the best.”

“This is the best training I have ever received. Thorough, concise and easy to follow. Of course, everything takes work and time. I have not seen income yet, but I can see if I keep at it that in 3 or 4 months things should grow. Oh, and why did I answer “no” on recommending the training? Because I really don’t want this technique shared with others! I’d like to keep it just to a few people so there is less competition ”

“Rich’s course if flat our amazing. I’m completely new to adsense but Rich does an excellent job of explaining the entire process, from keyword research to creating effective content, and getting backlinks that actually matter. His style of training is easy to follow. I would absolutely recommend his course to anyone looking to make money with adsense!”

“Great webinars, great stuff. Really liked it, and very useful to build and earn money from Adsense sites.”

“This is the best adsense training anyone can receive. I will definitely recommend your training to others. I am in the process of building my sites and am hoping to make good income online. Thanks so much”

“Richard’s course is a great training to get you started with setting up a passive income via adsense. His methods are very simple to follow and I have never seen it taught in any other adsense courses. Richard is very helpful with all my questions and always eager to help us get past any hurdles.”

“Rich’s Adsense course is so simple that even a monkey can follow it and make money! I could easily recommend this course for anyone who is interested in making nice passive income!”

“Rich explains his Adsense method in a clear and easy to understand way. Homework is given to keep you on track and for you to take action. Rich is always available for email support and the extra bonuses were great. I would highly recommend Rich’s course.”

“Rich’s adsense training has surpassed my expectations. The instruction was clear, step by step and broken down into manageable chunks so as not to overwhelm. The training has comprehensively covered from a to z creating adsense is I like that it is a long term sustainable business model. Thanks!”

“I really like Richard’s style of teaching. His lessons are very clear and well thought out. The videos and PDF notes are so helpful and I refer back to them over and over. His method of creating Adsense sites is unique, yet easy to implement. My first site made it’s first $$ less than a week after going live and it has made money almost every day since. I can really see how this system can take my Adsense earnings to the next level. Thanks Richard!”

“Rich is simply AWESOME! Seriously. The training was far better than expected, definitely lots of value in his course. Most important of all, every single email sent to Rich with a question was answered in just a few hours time, every single time. Extensively! Highly recommended to everyone.”

“Rich takes a thorough approach to building a money-making Adsense site, leaving no important stone unturned as he describes details you need to know… and dispelling a few myths along the way, too. His customer service approach is just as complete, with unannounced extras that make your IM life easier. There’s great value in this course.”

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