Roller Coaster of Death

Written by Gabriela

Dark flickering shadows spread throughout the hotel bedroom. I was crouched in the corner overwhelmed with sweat and fear. The voices! They were here creeping on to my free spirit, they wanted my body, they want to live again. I won’t let them! This is my body! I stood up with one thought I need to leave this room I need to run, run away for my life.

I started sprinting towards the room door but it kept getting further and further away they won’t let me leave! “No!” I screamed in agony! I was swept of my feet by an invisible force slammed my fragile body against the wall! The voices are getting louder I can’t move. I felt how my clothes were getting worm some liquid is underneath me, blood! I’m bleeding from my abdomen.

What should I do? Where is the exit from this nightmare? “No! No! Leave me alone!” I screamed but no one would hear my chants! As if I was the only one here in this hotel room, in this world! Deep darkness filled my mind I was losing my touch with reality I am fading in to emptiness…

Nothing surrounded me. I was just floating in empty space with no clue of where I was. It was quiet, peacefully yet too quiet for comfort. Fear suddenly came from within the depth of my body. I got that feeling in my stomach just like the one I got before going to that roller coaster ride in Disney Land when I was a kid. Memories came rushing back to my mind like in a dream.

Images rushing fast in front of my eyes. Me and my mother were having fun at Disney Land. I was so happy for her, she was smiling, I didn’t see her happy for the past two years since my father died of cancer. We were all alone since he passed on our relationship went downhill I felt like we can finally reconnect. A vision, like a movie, started to play in my head.


Her voice echoed through my ears “Hey Tomy you wanna go on Space Mountain? Come on it’ll be fun!” she said trying to get me intrigued “I’ll go with you!” I was hesitant and scared but she took my hang and guided me to the entry line. I just turned ten so that meant that I could go on. We were waiting to go on and a ride just arrived. As it stopped I got this panic attack inside of me but it didn’t show to the outside. I had a strange feeling we should not go on, I figured it was just anxiety so we carried on. The screeching of the roller-coaster rails sounded and we left the station.

I could see images! The roller-coaster falling apart and people were falling out of the seats and hitting the railings on the sides. It was all so sudden. Heads smashed into pieces in front of me, I was covering my face as the blood and brain matter driveled all over me. I turned to my mother’s seat… “Mommy I’m scarred!” but she wasn’t there. She was gone! I started crying like never before! I was alone with no one left; I crouched in the cockpit of the ride and waited for it to be over. Tears were still falling down my face, covered in blood with no one to hold…


I snapped back to reality and I found myself in my hotel room with no sense of direction. I was all drowsy like I have been sleeping in one place for a long time. The light on the night stand was flickering and it was giving an uncomfortable feeling. I felt alone and left behind just like thirty years ago.

All I could see in front of me was a newspaper article…

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