SEO Guide to Ranking Higher in Google Searches 2021

SEO can be easy. If you make it easy. Although paid advertisement is faster & easier; It still cost a lot of money & gets you nowhere if you rank low in search engines. Google’s job is to make sure that their customers get the results they are looking for. There are a few ways Google currently figures that information out.

The very most important part to ranking higer in 2018 is making sure you have quality material on your website or page. Google knows if you have quality information on your page by the amount of time people spend on your website. If you have website with no substance, it doesn’t relate to the keywords & copies work, visitor are going to notice. Visitors don’t stick around when they end up on pages that don’t relate to their search. That’s obvious. The more important part about quality pages is, Google notices when you try to trick the optimization. They always do. Having spamy material is just a way to permanently rank lower & lose money. Your pages should each contain at least 900 words relating to the keywords you have entered.

When I say use keywords often, I DO NOT mean to spam random keywords that get used most. Keyword Planner is one of the best tools you need to utilize to improve your SEO. Using the Keyword Planner tool is easy. All you need to do is enter the product or service you offer. Once you have a list of related keywords, find keywords with low competition & less than 500k searches a month. The reason you do this is to find niche searches that cost less to promote & are easier to rank in. You can easily go from the last page of Google, to knocking someone off the first page within a week if you know what you are doing. Using your Keyword in your Google title, through out articles(ONLY where it makes since), & in image attributes.


I know, Building links sounds more confusing than it actually is. Building links means that your pages link to multiple related pages on your website. It also means you have back links. Back links are from high ranking websites linking back to your website. This is the most over-looked problem in SEO. If you don’t have back links, you will always rank low. To find people whiling to back link your website you should build an email list. Building list to build links… I know…. It takes work. Creating a list is simple. Google your keyword, find high ranking sites, finds emails for each site. Save all emails you find to a word document, then email your list with request to write material or send them & infographic for free. The response rate will be very low, but worth it. All you need is a few backlinks & you’ll be ranking in no time.

EVERY image on your site should have attributes. Attributes should always contain your focus keyword. The image just needs to have a short descriptions, naturally through out it. If you are going to invest in SEO, this is a step you can’t skip. As boring & time consuming as it can be, having image attributes with your keyword make Google think your page really is what it claims to be. If you are going to invest time into editing image attributes for any images, you’re wasting your time if you don’t do the same for every image.

You can not skip steps in SEO. SEO used to be easy. No one knew what they were doing, no one cared & there was less competition. There are hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of web pages created every day. Your website is competing against other websites. Your websites web pages are competing against other website web pages. So not only do you have to focus in optimizing one page, you have to worry about optimizing every page & not skipping ANY steps. I can’t help you if you won’t help yourselves. You need every part of SEO, otherwise none of it will matter. There is no fast track for racking highly… Unless you can type fast. SEO is not sexy. It’s boring, & rewarding.


The only way I would EVER even consider paying for SEO would be if I were already planning on paying $10/day on Google to advertise. What I mean by that is Google does SEO for free if you pay $10/day. Which sounds funny to even type. But SEO constantly changes. You have to always adapt. If you don’t know what’s going on with your SEO, your business or page suffers even more. Just like you can take pages off the home page, other pages can knock you off just as easy. Having control over your own optimization is probably the best investment you could ever make in your website… & it’s free! Why wouldn’t you invest in free? Don’t be lazy, don’t sell your self short, & don’t pay for SEO. Do the work. Research & keep track of your stats. If you don’t know your average views, you can never accurately measure the growth of your site. If you need help with SEO, I will be adding more post at least two post a week(mostly in SEO, Marketing, Design, ect.).

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