Simple Strategies to Increase Sales on Your Website

Written by Gabriela

You want to increase sales on your website, but don’t want to invest too much money on your efforts. You have tried many strategies, but you are finding them time consuming and expensive. Here are some simple strategies you can try to help increase your sales without a huge investment.


There are many options online for a better, but not necessarily more expensive, shopping experience. Much like you sussed out a website hosting provider, you can find many advanced shopping cart options. In this day and age, you want to have a shopping cart that is smartphone and tablet friendly. People want the convenience to shop when and where they want. Seek out new shopping cart technology that will offer you check out and payment processing for an improved check out experience for your customers anytime and anywhere. There are so many customizable programs you are sure to be amazed at how far things have come in just a few short years. A new shopping cart will also give a new look and feel to your site which can also assist in improving your presence.


It is not that you need to stop selling shoes and start selling fishing rods. It’s all about how many products you are offering and if they relate well to each other. You can catch a lot more people’s attention with a few clearly described items than offer too many for them to sort through. This can often result in customers abandoning the site because they can’t make a decision. Offering them your best items with detailed product descriptions will help make the product irresistible. Then offer the most complementary products as links from the home page. This is an easy thing to change with little to no cost to you and it’s easy to change if you find it isn’t working. Because it is simple, you can also try a few different items and see which ones work best.

3. SEO

It’s all about the search, and if you are not getting good exposure, or can’t be found then you aren’t going to get new customers. There are many free services offered by Google to help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You will learn how to use the best keywords on your site to help you improve your ranking. You can also pay for effective SEO services if your budget allows. This is not an aspect of your business to ignore. You can be sure that most of your competitors are using some form of SEO to generate sales, and they could be stealing business from right under your nose. Consider doing an SEO audit to test your site because even something as simple as doing searches on your own will give you an idea of how high your ranking appears.

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