Simple Ways to Drive More (mostly free) Traffic To Your Blog or Affliliate Link

Written by Gabriela

With Internet or Affiliate marketing, traffic is the lifeblood of your business. With out eyeballs on your offer you make no money – plain and simple.

And traffic seems to be a problem for many newbies to internet marketing, so I wanted to help expand your horizons on traffic generation with this article.

You don’t have to have your own website or blog to make money either. All you need is a high converting offer from Clickbank or Commission Junction (or other affiliate network) and your affiliate link. Then just go crazy driving traffic to it – simple!

Now, not all the methods below will work for affiliate links, but many will. So just go with them if you want to do this as an affiliate. If you have your own blog or website, then all the options are available to you.

All of the methods mentioned work, but obviously there’s to many here to do at once. The best way to approach this is to just focus on a maximum of 3 methods at any one time. And take massive action on at least one or all three (depending on your time availability) and measure your results.

I guarantee you that if you just focus on the three you like best you will see a big increase in traffic to your site.

Whichever one works the best for you – of those three – keep doing that. Then drop (or spend less time on the other two, while you experiment with two more sources.

Eventually you will find the ones that work best for you and just keep doing them on a daily basis. The more traffic you have the more money you will make.

Just bear in mind that most of them will build over time. Doing one of them once won’t show you much (if any) results. But doing 1 – 3 of them consistently over a few weeks is how make things happen. And if you’re driving traffic to a good converting offer, you should see the money flowing by then too!

So here’s xx simple and mostly free ways to get oodles of eyballs on your site:-

1. Create a facebook fanpage around your offer or for your blog. Then post in other related facebook groups.

2. If you have a wordpress blog (highly recomended because it’s free and easy), make use of plugins like Tell A Friend so readers can quickly and easily share your posts.

3. Get facebook plugin that puts the ‘Like’ button next to all your posts

4. Get business cards or flyers printed with your blog or affiliate link on them. You can get 250 free from VistaPrint  at the time of writing. You can pass them to around to people you know and meet. Or you can leave them on car windsceens in shopping centre parking lots. You also post them on bulleting boards at supermarkets and community oriented buildings.

5. Put some ads with links to your site on free classified ad sites like Craigslist (worldwide), UsFreeAds and Backpage (worldwide). Even if you’re not in the USA you can still use USA locations if your offer or blog is relevent to US residents. If you’re offer is relevent for a different country just google ‘free classified sites uk’ if you’re in the UK for example.

6. Find blogs related to your niche and leave quality comments of them. Make sure you don’t spam them because it doesn’t work. Try to provide some real value to the topic of the post. Not only will your comment remain there, it will also incetivise people to check out your site because if they got value from your comment they will expect to get more value following you link.

7. Set up a twitter profile related to your niche and post useful related content on a regular basis. When appropriate, ad in your affiliate or blog link. Build up followers by following others. They will then usually follow you back. You can always ‘unfollow’ those that don’t follow you back.

8. Download the Comment Luv plugin which is great for driving more traffic from a like minded community. Look for other blogs in your niche (and related niches) by using the Global CommentLuv Search and comment on them. Once again, make sure it’s a quality comment and not spammy. Most of these blogs are also very good for backlinks with ‘dofollow’ links. So you get a double whammy of more trafic and some quality backlinks too!

9. You can use free eBay classifieds and put a link back to your site in ads there.

10. Make a short Youtube video with some good info about your Niche (under 3 minutes is usually best). Make sure you put a link back to your blog or affiliate site in the first line of the description. Be sure to include the full http:// part. The best way to be sure it will work is to copy and paste it from the address bar of your browser. Then find other popular videos related to your niche and start commenting on them. Your comment will link back to your channel and your own Youtube video. Commenting on videos with thousands of views will get a lot of traffic and people love reading the comments!

11. Write some useful content, or take content you’ve already written, about your niche and turn it into a PDF. Make sure to have link to your affiliate site or blog inside the document. Then submit your PDF to document sharing sites like DocStoc and Scribd. OpenOffice will convert any Microsoft Word Document to PDF for free. If you don’t have Word, then use the free OfficeWriter from OpenOffice which is just as good.

12. Go to Squidoo and create ‘lens’ and place links back to your site.

13. Go to YahooAnswers and other similar sites and answer questions related to your niche. Put a link back to your website in the resource box. (Be careful with this and don’t do anything remotely spammy or you’ll get banned. As always, just provide useful, quality information that will help people).

14. Another version of no. 11 is to write an eBook (doesn’t have to be anything fancy) and submit it to free ebook sites like GetFreeEbooks. A nd be sure to have some links back to your money site in it.

15. Join forums related to your niche. Get involved by answering questions. If you don’t know the answer, find out by checking it out yourself and then post it. It will gain you credibility and respect. Make sure you have a link back to your blog or website in your ‘signature’. When people see your quality posts, they will be motivated to check out your site. As always, don’t do anything spammy or you will likely be banned. Never post anything self promtional (that’s what your signature is for) and don’t post links in your posts. If you’re in the internet marketing niche you’ll definitely want to check out the Warrior Forum.

16. If you haven’t got a blog or website, you really should be setting one up. It will ad to your credibility, reputation and give you so many more options for driving traffic. In places where you can’t use your affiliate link (such as in most forums) you can always drive traffic to your own website or blog. And you can either drive them to a page that has your affiliate link or have your own ads with affiliate links in them.


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