Street Photography With Your Canon Rebel T3i

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It is not hard to learn street photography. And, actually, street photography is one way to use your Canon Rebel T3i camera like the creative tool it is capable of being. But the camera is not all you need for street photography success. In addition, you need a quality Canon Rebel lens, and one of the 50mm models will meet the criteria for that component. There are three possibilities, those being the f/1.8, the f/1.4, and the f/1.2.

You can learn street photography at a very young age.

Your choice among these lenses isn’t as critical as it might seem, considering the difference in price. The f/1.8 is the cheapest deal at about $100. And the rates rise to around $350 for the f/1.4 and over $1000 for the f/1.2. Of course, the quality of build is definitely different, however the quality of photography can be quite close with all three.


There’s one more hurdle along with obtaining proper equipment. If you aren’t comfortable talking with strangers, this might be a struggle for you to talk to a complete stranger to ask authorization to take their image, nevertheless, when you have tried it a few times, the idea is easier. This will be very true once you see the amazing results. Street images are much more interesting than your standard family picture. That is, except if your Granddad Ralph or Aunt Claire is just as colorful as many of the street inhabitants you will come across in the downtown locations and shopping malls.

There are 5 things that you might apply to make street photography easier for you so that you will be ready to get those awesome images (after you work through the issue of paralyzing fear).

1. Take your Canon Rebel with you.. ALL the time. We all do it, yet it’s a good idea to continue reminding oneself that you should never leave the house without one. After a few weeks of taking the digital camera every time you leave home or office, and it is going to become second nature. Absolutely nothing (well, practically nothing) worse than coming at a fantastic photo op out on the street when you do not have the photography resources in hand. And this does not necessarily mean you need to tote the complete camera travel bag with you. You simply need your Rebel and reliable Canon Rebel lens.

2. Keep the Canon 50mm lens on the dslr camera. You will find a couple advantages of making use of this lens instead of one of the alternative options. First, the 50mm is a nearly ideal portrait lens due to the high quality and great aperture. And next, it really is smaller and light. It does not wear you out carrying it for a number of hours. Plus, many people will be put off by a large, flashy piece of glass.

3. Avoid the use of your flash. You will definitely get natural photographs with no flash, and also on the street, this is especially true. You can make use of the large aperture of the 50mm lens to obtain a good fast shutter speed, in case the lighting is really low, just increase the ISO of the Canon Rebel to speed up the shutter.

4. Be ready before you ask permission. Make sure all your dslr camera settings are correct prior to walking towards your prospect. It could actually ruin your possibilities if you need to stop and set fool with your camera whilst the individual is waiting for you.

5. Have your model release forms available. If you’re going to use your pictures in some community place, you must obtain a release from your subject. The good news is there’s currently an app for your iPad and the iPhone for this. It is possible to go paperless!

That’s all. You, too, can be quite a street photographer. Now grab your Canon Rebel and go out and shoot!

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