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You must have seen the ads where you can get a number one ranking on Google guaranteed. I’ve already said this and I’m saying it again. If you believe this claim to be true get this in writing. Yes…. a signed statement with all costs involved and include the keywords that will be used to get that number one position. Also a date that this is to be achieved by.

Is it possible for a new website, with a new domain name to hit the number one slot in Google’s SERP’s after a couple weeks or even months? or for that matter any other large search engine like Baidu (leading Chinese search engine) or Yahoo etc etc.

See what you make of this example. So you want your new florist/business website to feature number one in Google for your keyword “florist (your city/location)” or perhaps “(your city/location)” florist……. of course you do and so does the other new florist down the road.

Everyone hates a queue jumper but on the Internet many feel it is their right to have their new website and domain ahead of the rest of the hard working individuals/webmasters that have spent a lot of time, money, meticulous tweaking and experimenting to get them to where they are.

Why should you jump the queue? You are just starting out. Building your business is supposed to take time and you are the new kid on the Internet block….. grow up first, gain some respect, not game some respect like most seem to want to.

When you do a Google or Baidu search do you really want to visit a website that is of little value to what you are searching for… no I thought not.

Yes your SEO experts (mostly self proclaimed) will take your money and give your website a top ranking in Google for the search term “tsirolf (your city/location)” if you didn’t pick up on that that is florist spelled back to front… not much competition here. Yes it’s Google SEO hogwash.

Sorry…. what’s the point in being number one in the SERP’s for search term that has little or no relevance to the main keyword florist. I don’t think you need much of a brain or in fact SEO knowledge to be able to get a top ranking for an obscure word.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There is a lot of SEO misinformation on the web today. Material that is less than up-to-date is plentiful and there is also a vast amount of out of date PLR (private label rights) articles that litter the Internet. Why do they do this, some may be asking .. to create back links for their websites. Do they care that the information is not current. No they just want backlinks. I’m not saying here that article marketing is not a great strategy but some of these people do not care that the information is completely out dated.

So am I an SEO expert?….you bet your boots I am and I’m not going to promise you what can not be delivered. Do I want a number one position in search engines for my website and yours?…. you bet. We are living in the real world here and you and I both have some work to do if we are going to get that number #1 slot….. but it is not going to happen overnight.

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